The Spotlight’s on Me!

The closest I came to realise my ability to write was in grade six when the Geography teacher handed me my answer sheet commenting, you have just played with words. But then, how many of us in our childhoods have cared or concerned ourselves with building a desirous career through signs, let alone realise it at that moment? A decade-and-a-half after this incident, I accepted a job in Marketing for a multinational corporation in Chennai, India. In fact, it was my offer letter that brought me to the city in the first instance. Five years later, I couldn’t stick to my job because I despised everything about the setup including the wasted mind space on corporate politics and the vain money-making process. I quit and began pursuing my interests and took up all that I had to leave while I was employed full-time.

Writing and singing.

I am currently a writer in the making, and someday hope to see my name published on the cover of a book I have penned. Probably, embossed in gold (it isn’t too bad to dream, I suppose?). My other area of interest is music, and the need to no longer travel to any corporate firewall spares me enough time to pursue and continue my learning of Carnatic (Indian classical) music. Writing helps me structure my vision and layout, and music induces fluidity in this otherwise disciplined layout. The contrast helps. It does.

The notion of Shades auf Grey hovered long before I dedicated space for my thoughts. The blog birthed as a result of a vent from a page of my diary. Since its inception in 2013, Shades auf Grey is the altruistic companion that allows me to scribble in it about anything and everything under the sun.


10 thoughts on “The Spotlight’s on Me!

    1. Hello there, thank you for stopping by. The mind’s but a fickle segment of imagination. Here comes a spark, and there goes the pen! You have a beautiful blog yourself! Enjoyed browsing through, especially the quotes!

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