The Spotlight’s on Me

When I was born in the capital city of India, Delhi, my parents christened me Madhvi. I have since then had the gracious fortune to be brought up across various cities across the country. The hop, skip, jump and settle to the eastern, western, northern and southern lanes of India have been in equal paces, revealing to me several portions (and not just sides) of a coin. This indefinite excursion has not only given me a million-dollar worth opportunity to meet people from diversified and vivid backgrounds, but also imbibed in me a linguistic quality. There was once a time when I could understand close to 8 languages and speak about 6 of them fluently. Few of them are now, as they say, out of sight and hence, out of mind.

I currently work in a Marketing job, that I am soon losing interest in. I like Marketing, no doubt, but it’s the what to market that’s uninteresting. Sidelong, my passion lies in singing and writing, and my interests in reading, travelling and photography. Someday in the near future, I would like to be known to the larger part of the world as a singer and/or a writer.

Shades of Grey, a name that has hovered within me long before I arrived at the decision to dedicate a space to pen down my thoughts, was born as a result of a sheer vent-out of a page from my diary made public. My public journal since its inception in 2013 has not only helped me bring to terms with my writing, but has also helped me expand the ability to pen down my thoughts into words. What occurred as an on-spot accident has transformed today into a source of inner peace.

I am not the kinds to write by the book; it is rather an inspirational thought, or a bunch of inspirational thoughts that prompt me to post. Bottomline – there needs to be a spark to blog about the experience. The rest is merely an introspection from my been-sluggish-for-a-while grey cells, be it seasoned with fictional narration, pondering question marks or ring-a-bell rejoinders.


8 thoughts on “The Spotlight’s on Me

    1. Hello there, thank you for stopping by. The mind’s but a fickle segment of imagination. Here comes a spark, and there goes the pen! You have a beautiful blog yourself! Enjoyed browsing through, especially the quotes!

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