When Life gives you Lemons …

It was one of those balmy summer evenings. The freshly mowed grass lay frigidly motionless and peskily parched. The park, even though not vandalised, was unreservedly deserted. The faint trace of a pin drop could be heard in the background on the freakishly hushed roads. Factorial circumstances in the name of the scorching heat, courtesy: the merciless sunshine, called for dire needs and measures. It is times as these that the immortalised bliss of having a roofed refuge transpires into a welcoming respite. Because given a choice (or a chance), a weekend as such is rather well-spent indoors than having to beckon al fresco with that obligatory dab of sunscreen.

A popular proverb that takes intermittent turns going viral, originally goes as thus: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The essence of this phrase signifies converting the pessimistic dosages of existence into cheery cheeks. Well, anything has always proven to be easy having said than done! In one such opinionated observation, the expression would rather, if altered to, when life gives you lemons, hang on to them. You never know when you might be in need of that zesty flavour.

The blazing hot weather is stereotypically a practical defence for many renowned enterprises and their marketing representatives to release advertorials with a penultimate takeaway of maintaining a cooler temperature. On blending the product’s (in)effectiveness and (in)efficiency quotients with the failure to potentially communicate the quirkiness of the reason inculcating such cooler temperatures, these advertisements are rather a brazen act of futile promotions. Further dissections and digressions on this subject are meant for the wrath of another day! Anyhow, going by the well-established proverb under the current radar, it is here when it’s preferably time to grab those lemons that life threw at you and cool your body temperature with some of that homemade lemonade. When life gives you lemons, make the lemonade anyway! So much for the marketing gimmicks, eh?

Of humour and stingy backbites
Of a business-sensed proposition
How can we miss the all-time favourite of this digital era

In the proverbial sense, the saying has had many versions of interpretations. Of optimism and of pessimism. Of humour and of sarcasm. Of hopes and of shattered dreams. Of many other, and many more. A few interesting snippets in the recent times did catch the eye, across several online forums.

Pachai is a stickler for homemade lemonade and juices. This side of the world where I come from treats itself – and us – to a tropical weather. We tend to thrive on liquid foods as compared to meaty proteins and carbs. Fresh juices, fruits, lemonade and water predominantly fill our tummies for larger part of the days – and year. With Mr. Murphy known to have made countlessly well-timed appearances in the past, it is a trivial assumption to not have his presence when asked – or unasked – for. As fresh juices are squeezed thrice on an average, in a day, lemons cease to exist by their skin. Moreover, they (the lemons) are only needed at a time when the mundane would have called it a day already. And so, we invite Mr. Murphy with wide open arms. Whether or not, we have a choice. Because when we do need the lemons, there are none!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.07.06 PM
A recent conversation on the Twitter timeline :: Click to enlarge and view the full conversation

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Although, not out of all of it. Hold on to a few. For you never know when you just might need them. To dress a salad. For self-beautification purposes. As a blackening agent to your henna. For that alcoholic twist. To introduce a tangy flavour. For treating that nasty bout of stomach ache. Or, to squirt in someone’s eyes.

After all, when the crow was thirsty, neither boulders nor rocks helped. Even the bird had to make do with pebbles.

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