30 Months & 25 Days Later…

I am fickle-minded. There is no denying the fact. My moods are prone to oscillations so wild that they often tend to shoot past the frame of a wall clock! The best part about this vicious cycle is that sometimes, even I am caught unawares! This impulsive temperament combined with a lemon-squeeze worth of restlessness accumulate barely enough things (for the lack of a better word that could summarise it all) to keep me going. I find it challenging to stay committed lest I am treated to something newish each day. That’s true. Every. Single. Day. May be, that is one of contributing factors to the self-restrained introvert that I am today. May be, that is one of the reasons I am so bad at relationships, both in their making and sustenance. May be, that is one of the reasons I choose to refrain from voicing out my opinions orally, especially when in a groupie. And may be, that is why I find it so tricky to dedicate myself to anything, whether a materialistic possession or otherwise. To cap it all, I can be quite lazy – without second thoughts, depending on my mood.

A large chunk of the profound theories and laws discovered by remarkable founders in their respective eras are subjected to certain exceptions, similar to a (set of) Rule of Thumb. The concept of my moodiness is no different, for there apply certain exceptions. Pachai and a job – much to my surprise, I have managed to hinge onto them longer than I thought was conceivable!

And then, writing happened.

There comes a point in time when the lows hit rockbottom and the existing highs seem comparatively microscopic in its face, much so that they are taken for granted. There was one such phase at my workplace, when the reason for all jargons that one associates with the ‘corporate world’ came into play: low morale, zero vision, barely any team play, lack of motivation, undervalued … I guess you get the gist. I wanted to move out and on, and was all set for it. Writing came to my aid, and it was in this period of joblessness that I realised I could play around words. That is how Shades of Grey was born with its first post. With a then narrow thought process of what-goes-into-a-blog augmented with confounded logistics of maintaining the space, I was not convinced about the subject or the layout of my next piece.

And then, I was introduced to Chennai Bloggers Club by a dear acquaintance.

A platform borne by interests of diverse beings seasoned with varied spices, all connecting to a single commonality – the city of Chennai – shackled free the contemplative reflections that could potentially contribute to making a public journal. From a fiction to a poem, a Haiku to landscaping, from DIYs and fashioning, to movies and books reviews. From expressive elaborations of one’s day to being hypnotised in time with a moment, from discussing a nitty-gritty to sharing planning diaries. Anything can be a part of your blog space. It need not restrict to a specific theme. It need not restrict to a specific type or style of writing. Your space. Your decision. As long as it ignites a spark inside you. It is in fact, that simple.

Had it not been for this group, a chunk within me might have still yearned for matters to pen on. Had it not been for this lot, I may not have had those Mentos Moments – courtesy, a random discussion – prompting me to add a footprint to my space. Had it not been for this niche circle of crowd, I may not have been in the zone to think differently when it came to each of my pieces. For the initial spark, for the silver lining in the wide open horizon, for the gazillion viewpoints, and more significantly, for a bagful of flavours so myriad that they are no less than a thought wave, a heartfelt gratitude, CBC!

30 Months and 25 Days. 50 write-ups. I know this may not be a great place to be in considering the smarting observation of having a writing average of just-above one post per month. Nonetheless, given a chance to rewind, I might not have done it any other way.

On a more sober note, I also tip my hat to those who have constantly encouraged me to trudge down this path, for the journey may have long discontinued had it not been for you bunch of handful.

In an attempt to imply a note of closure, one of the recent most discussions that trended on CBC was to resonate with the blogging goals of 2015 – in case there were any, and if they were fulfilled – and plans for the new year. Well, they say, karm kiye jaa, phal ki chinta na kar. (Transliterated: Keep working, do not worry about the result.) Blame it on my traits, the mindset or the thought processing mannerisms, but then, that is how I will want to approach writing. May be, always. Tathastu.

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