The Brighter Side

Colours – a significantly influential aspect of a person’s whereabouts, tastes and likes, and sometimes even reflective of one’s moods. Waver it, splash it, mix it or fill it. Temper it to create one of those unique shades you didn’t even know existed a minute back, quell it to result it into something warm, or dull it out to get something dark. The best part about colours is the fact that its creation is your call, for it is your palette! Just as no two places are the same, no two colours (primary or resultant) are similar. Its ubiquitous distinctiveness is quite something … just like the music you would want to listen to when you are in a specific mood. Three primary colours. Oodles of shades and hues. Dye it, thread-work it, artwork it, observe it, travel in it … in other words, do whatever the hell you want with it. How better can this get?

Typically, when we are glued to a visual, one of the primary reasons is owing to the colour series (aside from the background score and/or the ‘baby’ factor). There is something about the permutation and combination of the optical palette that appeals to the naked eye and makes us want to experience its pleasure over and over. Yeah, that in other words, could be a cheat code to favourable marketing. However, clearly there are brands that pay significant importance to colours based on the segment of market they probably target – such as Red Bull with its bright and jumpy red and yellow background, or Apple with its mystique, classy and (un)sophisticated grey. Some brands inculcate colours based on the symbolic effect of its product line such as Google’s Picasa, a logo that represents a camera shutter in the negative space amidst the myriad colours. A few other brands tend to customise colours based on the personality of their goods such as the pink of Barbie and Victoria’s Secret. Clearly, buyer preferences are influenced at some level as a result of the colour sense and choice.

Set aside buyer preferences, colours also reflect one’s personal choices and traits to a certain extent. Typically, shades of black exhibit a mysterious, powerful, independent and confident air, while white comes across as pure, neat and immaculate. There is something very comforting about the blue skies and seas, and the sights that grey-brown mountains and hill stations bring us. Pink is stereotypically associated with feminine traits, while the yellows and the oranges give out a bubbly, sunshiny and approachable vibes.

Colours are also known to emanate from cultural backgrounds. The French are known to love their monotones, which typically are shades of black, white, grey or blue, while the Italians are more open. The Arabs love exquisite stone work on their hijab, but their dresses are normally a long skirt or a gown sorts along the lines of floral prints or the likes. India is known to be a land of colours. And probably that’s why as a person, the play of colours fascinates me. Love them. I like them bright. I like them whether they are thread-worked or landscaped by nature. There is a joy I associate with colours irrespective of their presence in my wardrobe, the places I travel to, or the snaps I like to shoot. There simply has to be colour play. To capture my interest. To inspire. To give it my undivided attention. Maybe, that’s the reason I would choose to travel and disappear any day. Maybe, that’s the reason I would prefer spending time observing rather than ranting at go. And maybe, that’s what drew me to ART-ery.

12333118_10154351764872995_1020939358_oFrom ethnic anklets to minimalist arm cuffs, classy bangles to embossed, metallic and threaded earrings, from sophisticated neck pieces to traditional and beaded finger rings, ART-ery brings it all. Their delicate floral wreaths and head bands, trendy one-eared ear cuffs and chic belly buttons are some of the unconventional, yet charmingly addictive additions. With a personal affinity towards shades and hues, an aspect of ART-ery that drew my attention is their section on handcrafted jewellery – their beaded neck pieces. The beads, imported after prudent scrutiny, are fashioned and assembled in-house. Aimed at across age groups, this section is not only just about taking its baby steps into its existence, but also offers a quintessential feature that anyone, as a buyer, would love to go all out on. Beaded in a way to suit simple, everyday jewellery, the handcrafted section is completely customisable – whether in terms of length to suit a specific dress piece, in terms of colours, or even in terms of the beads (which, as a way of mentioning, start from regular crystals to coloured ones, on they go to wooden beads and 12315363_10154351772747995_1783209219_osemiprecious collections for those looking for something plushy). If there is an idea, here is where ART-ery helps you build from scratch. For all you know, you may have looked at umpteen places for that one neck piece that you so wanted. Now you know where to find it. Talk about a ‘personalised’ experience and how! And oooooh, need I mention? What colours!

We choose clothes by occasion. Heck, we change them everyday! What if jewellery is given a similar status? Of being something more than a simple piece. A punctuation, if not a statement, that we can make on every single day, irrespective of what we wear. The beauty of a daily routine that still is unpredictable with the many-sidedness an ornament can offer.

One platform. Different avenues. Find them simply. Search them easily. ART-ery.

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