That Rainy Evening | Part 1

She stood there in solitude waiting for something; it rather seemed someone. Her neck upward twitched to her right, a little more frequently than might have been called ideal, to scan the seemingly empty road that stretched for as far as the naked eye could fathom. It was almost an hour since she stood under the tree, a namesake hood that proved no purpose in the wake of the forceful showers from the sky. Her heels had started buckling under the exertion of the black five-inched peep toes she was rarely used to wearing. It seemed even doubtful in the first place, the fact that she was used to having them on, leave alone for longer time periods. Given her choice of footwear (read: the discomfort she had chosen to put herself through), she was clearly dressed up. Waiting in the pelting rains.

The cherry red body-con fit extending just above her scar-free, uniformly-toned knee accentuated her appreciable figure. The elegant yet sexy looking attire tailored in Lycra, commenced with a boat neck that lay smoothly on her shoulders and was devoid of sleeves. A visible, curvy hump connecting the shoulders with her neck was enough evidence of what seemed like an almost-never-missed workout. The boat neck culminated in a couple of U-shaped layers over her shapely busts. Wrinkle binds blended the rest of the one-piece on the sides, and front and back, all the way until her lower thigh. The bottom was hemmed in a way that the dress looked folded on the inside. Her equally long legs were slender and bare. The calf muscles that shone prominently made the need for accessorizing the leg zone irrelevant. Her feet ended in a pair of black peep toes typically reserved for ‘special occasions’. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that carrying such a dress not only required a blessed frame naturally, but also the need to compliment it with regular workouts and maintenance mechanisms.

The Cobalt blue umbrella she held over her head glowed under the rapidly flickering streetlight above her. The T-piece seemed pointless as its holder was only adding to the uneasiness, aside from the throbbing pain her heels were to give her soon. Amidst this growing agitation, the umbrella swayed this way and that in the breeze that had started ensuing in the rains and she only got wetter by the second. The pelting droplets of water from the skies that had begun almost a half hour back had continued to lash out mercilessly this evening, only making it all the more difficult for her to carry herself with as much poise as she would have ideally wished for. As she continued to wait with increasing anticipation in a what could have been a lazy and cosy night, had she chosen otherwise, comforted with a bowlful of butter-oozing popcorn and a favorite movie to keep her company, there still existed a rich kernel: Her eyes.

The broad even-toned forehead hosted two almond-shaped eyes with blots that resembled drops of coffee in a pool of milk. These however, had now turned round in anticipation of her guest. Another notable feature complemented by high-boned cheeks congregating in a sharp jawline, was a spot on the lower part of her left cheek. The very cheeks that were smooth without any accessory efforts formed a deep dent as her Terra Cotta-stained lips pursued together as though indicating her growing impatience. The Celestial nose that she seemed to have sported from blessed genes was a piece that tied together the rest of her facial features into an uncomplicated yet one-may-want-to-steal-a-second-glance knot.

Was the item that she waited for of precious importance? Or, was it a friend or a foe? She was the lone source who could have reclaimed the bystanders with an answer.

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