Blood-Stained Sword | Part 3 of 3

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Meera’s day was rather productive. Although she wasn’t able to make a great first impression by her talking, her work proved her otherwise. As a plus, she witnessed the gist of how her day-to-day would look like, and was asked to come in starting next morning. Meera couldn’t have been more pleased at herself. However, by the time she was done, it was late, and she wanted to get back home as soon as possible.

It had rained heavily that day and the weather had turned cold. Meera hailed a rickshaw and wrapped her face with a shawl, she always kept in her bag, to shield from the oncoming wind. As she asked the driver to take a turn that led to her colony’s street, a tree blocked their way. Apparently, few of the green weaklings had buckled under the force of the rain. Meera had but no choice than to walk, for the road was now wide enough to let a two-wheeler pass with difficulty, let alone a three-wheeler. The roads were soaking, and the lesser of the sturdy ones had turned into puddles. The water glowed under the pale streetlights. Meera walked briskly with the aim of covering the last two-kilometre stretch to her building as soon as possible, for there wasn’t a single soul in sight. Little did she know otherwise, for she wasn’t alone after all. There was a man who hid behind the tree about 200 meters away watching her.


The do-or-die moment had arrived. He had never done something as ‘wild’ as this, and yet the burning sensation in his loins was undeterred. He waited behind the tree as the lady approached his hiding spot. As she passed the tree, Shyam circled the trunk and pounced on her from the back. Meera shrieked, by which time he had pounded on her, forcing her to the ground. He lifted the lady’s sari and forced her panties down. He hadn’t bothered removing her hood; after all, when it came to the cranking the superheroines’ memories, they never remembered to forget their one favourite ‘customer’ whose only explicit request was to have their face covered before he entered them. Maybe that was his fetish, was the inside joke amongst the ladies. He turned Meera around as it was proving difficult to enter her from the back. Meera’s eyes widened in horror on seeing the man. She flailed about her arms to let him know it was her – his spouse – that he was raping. Shyam got panicky about her resistance, fearing the ruckus that may ensue, and used all his strength to pin her down and force his hand on her mouth.

The shawl started choking Meera’s breathing, and her energy levels lowered. Shyam grabbed this opportunity to enter her. Meera’s eyes were red and wet from all the screaming and crying. By the time Shyam was done, the shawl had bounded tightly around her, choking her windpipe causing her to gasp. Shyam pulled himself up and zipped up his pants. His face gleamed with a look that couldn’t have been clearer, indicating this was the experience he had been seeking all this while. Well, the Cat Woman was equally good, he thought to himself.

He looked at the hooded lady once more; her hands were reaching out to him, her eyes closing longer than they would stay open. It seemed as though she was trying to communicate something. The sight of the bleeding distracted him; blood gushed from in between her legs. Before he could register, he was yet again distracted by something gleaming on her feet that shone under the pale streetlight towering about 20 meters away – a toe ring that now lay smashed against her middle toe. Shyam bent down for a closer look. The toe ring was peculiarly large, a hexagonal-shaped spherical band encrusted with minuscule diamonds all over. It seemed very similar to the one he had purchased for somebody that very morning. As it dawned on Shyam on what he may have done, he went on confirm his worst fears by removing the hood off her face.

Meera’s eyes had closed by then. Her clothes smudging gradually, the red trickled onto her toe ring.

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