Blood-Stained Sword | Part 2 of 3

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He wandered aimlessly on the streets, given he had applied leave at work. His initial plans were to stay home and spend time with Meera whom, he realised as he introspected momentarily, he barely knew despite being married to her for exactly a year now. Far from registering what her wardrobe looked like, the way her cooking tasted, and her likes and dislikes, he could have barely recognised her at a distance. Well, she wasn’t to blame for that. Twice on previous occasions, when Shyam had entered home in the evening smelling foul, Meera had smelt alcohol on his breath and had distanced herself from him. Repeated fights and arguments led them nowhere, and yet Shyam had never once abused her physically. When he was sober, he could possibly have the finest of the characteristics one could’ve looked for in a spouse. However, the alcoholic spirits got the better of him. On those days, not only did Meera ensure a certain distance from him, but also kept to herself, as though she didn’t exist. When one such day took a toll on Meera, she secretly quit her job in a pursuit to find some inner peace. Not that she did not wish to work, however, her list of to-dos reprioritised to finding – a. A job that suited her passion, and b. A counsellor for Shyam.

As the noon’s heat receded to give way to a dusky breeze, Shyam’s loitering sensed a motive. His cravings gave way to passions that typically was beheld by a night, and try as he might, he began trotting towards the same old dilapidated building around City Corner.


As Shyam quickened his pace starting to live out in fantasies already, he spotted a woman in the distance. It was late and the building he was originally heading to suddenly seemed a lot farther. Could Shyam afford to take this risk? The woman seemed to be walking towards him, and from what he could make from the equidistant streetlights, she was wearing a sari. Shyam quickly hid behind the tree he was passing by and started tracing her movements closely. His mind raced.

As he saw her inching closer, he recounted his blissful experiences in the recent past inside the building – the same rundown structure he had chanced upon, located opposite the jewellery store around City Corner. He may have encountered the last of these experiences just yesterday, the details stayed as fresh nonetheless.

Once inside the building, a 3600 glance is all it took Shyam to digest the atmosphere. The four-walled room was large and very spacious, with grilled windows on the sides for cross-ventilation. The entrance door was on the third side of the room, and the rest of that side was covered with a wall separating this and the adjoining room. The fourth side was quite peculiar though. This corner seemed to have five cubicles with glazed doors. On a closer look, Shyam figured it was impossible to tell if there was somebody inside. He also noticed another peculiarity – there were images of superheroines stuck right outside the door. The first door displayed the image of Wonder Woman, the second had Super Girl, the third had Spider Woman, the fourth had Cat Woman and the fifth had Elektra.

He particularly remembered his night with Cat Woman. God, just the thought of her made him wet. She had screwed him over and over the entire night, each time better than the last, and they had even gotten around to some talking. He vaguely recollected her mentioning about some School of Arts that she was a part of as a day job. The school was a part of a few theatre groups that ran shows themed on ‘lesser-known mortals’. (As though it mattered to him what that meant!) And, School of Arts? Yeah, right! He smirked at the thought. ‘Arty’ she was, no doubts. He chuckled at his own joke.

His experiences with Wonder Woman and Elektra too had been amazing, and he had been planning on sleeping with Spider Woman tonight. Instead, could he settle for the ‘hooded’ woman he saw in the distance today? Shyam’s mind continued to race as she inched closer.

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