Sometimes That’s All that You Need

I got on a bus
That journeyed on a rain-soaked evening
Drip, drap and drizzle
Breathed the droplets, sprinkling the sensory
The presence of faces unfamiliar, not uncommon
A choice to converse or self-guard in the musically-customised walls
Couple of hours of solitude until the journey is met
That peace – sometimes that’s all that you need

I went for a stroll
Sponging in sights and strides
Saw my sense of sight, a bunch of new-born pups
The tiny tots stumbled hither and thither, while others tottered
Scurried for shelter as rains pelted menacingly
Snuck one under a bike’s tyre, the other under a heavily flowered tree
No less than a freshly sculpted portrayal this, while the liquid soaked the skin cats and dogs
That live painting – sometimes that’s all that you need

Up on the terrace I stood
The mind confused whether in need of an umbrella
Undecided, the weather shared the mood
Shone the sun as bright, while water burst from the clouds
Hopes of a rainbow anticipatory still
Pray, what could have been asked for more?
For appeared the beauty in the sky, quite atypical, for t’was a sunken one
That semi-risen seven-coloured band – sometimes that’s all that you need

I decided on an unplanned leave
Rhyme or reason none, just than to be with mum
Not called, or pre-informed, landed I at home
In front of the gates that were locked, and doors barred for the night
Knocked I thrice, to hear the latch unbolt
Out came a shout of an O! after seconds trice
Fumbling with the keys while she saw me stand at the gates, dripping to the brim
That unforgettable air of joy – sometimes that’s all that you need

I was to close this piece, now
When I felt a gloom rise high up above
The clouds approached rapidly – I could see them coming on
Wrapping themselves unto and into
Forming a ginormous vanilla-flavoured cotton candy
A stormy breeze ensued
The one that blew my papers around
Dotting and blotting, caught-up the pours rapidly on

I wished penning this piece a day earlier
A time that belonged to the dusk with a promising weather
And when, for a reason, I didn’t
I was handed the cotton candy
That, in a way of saying, could only indicate
You looked for a chance – take a better one today
So what, if it’s a later one in the day
That hope – sometimes that’s all that you need

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