A Pen is Mightier than Convenience

As they typically say, a pen is mightier than the sword. However, in the context of this journal, I’d prefer tweaking it slightly, to – a pen is mightier than convenience. This era of technology has bestowed us with heights of convenience – sluggish or good – in the form of innumerable gadgets, models and features, and what else not. You may call me old school, but I still happen to be a firm believer of the expression – there is nothing that beats the feeling of holding a pen in your hands.

Of course, one may argue that the time taken to finish a task on a keyboard-enabled platform is faster and appealing in its own charm and ways; however, I would prefer making the task a fun-filled experience with a pen. The sense of feeling that the process of writing with a pen can give is beyond indescribable – right from the mere elation of sticking a pen between your fingers to the mini-ditch-like pressure it creates while you write for a long period [not to forget the split-second ‘snap’ while stretching your arms], the crispy ‘crackle’ of a fresh papyrus to the ‘papery’ aroma of a freshly pressed sheet, the curves, the straights and the simply expression-filled alphabets and syllables that you could go on filling your paper with, with your own writing style, and once you’re done filling the paper[s] to your heart’s content, the sense of exhilaration it gives you while merely looking down at your work, has simply no match. Though I may not be much of a fan, it doesn’t hurt adding onto this bucket-list, that there also exist a few ‘aromatic’ refills in the market.

I don’t mean to imply that I am anti-technology. Surely, to beat the monotony of it and to help myself prevent from getting bored sooner than it may hit me, from the constant typing, I love playing with the quirky and whacky font styles, colours and alignments to keep my interest in it alive. But when you type, which seems to be a faster process than ‘penning’ it all down, the thoughts need to be pre-set in one’s mind and also set right. A momentary pause on the keyboard may make or break the rest of the write-up. On the other hand, a write-up brought to closure with a pen is nothing short of a smoothly cascading ripple. After all, the speed of one’s hands when compared to the speed of one’s thought process is much slower. Plus in this case, the thoughts just wait to be poured out and down on the piece of paper.

Often, while writing through/ on a keyboard, I happen to lose my train of thoughts that ultimately causes me to give-up my writing mid-way. Maybe my mind is not pre-set. Maybe I’m not too sure of what ‘exactly’ is it that I would like recording on my public journal. It may also be an indication of being more creative and expressive with words when I write, as against when I type. Hence, the obvious choice inclines me towards jotting down my thoughts on a piece of paper, and replicating it onto a soft copy. Some may call it duplication, some may refer to it as time-consuming, and a few others may refer to it with phrases best-suited to them; however, considering the optimist that I am, I call it spending time with what I love doing: writing. And who knows, probably now that my thoughts are already set while I [re]type all of this out, my thinking process may go faster giving rise to new[er] thoughts. This may give me a chance to expand my scope of thoughts and reasoning.

Need I say anymore to prove it any further, that all the way and hands down, a pen and a paper it is for me. What’s your preference?

3 thoughts on “A Pen is Mightier than Convenience

  1. Very good article. Momentarily I was lost in a nostalgic imagination. That feeling of originality when you write in your own handwriting (howsoever ugly it is). Ah, just cant describe in words. Kudos, and keep writing.


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