Nyaabagam Varudhe* | Part 1 of ∞

It happened in an instant when I saw a couple on a two-wheeler carrying large plastic bags that branded a reputed store. Just for the benefit of those ignorantly deprived mortals who might not have judged the magnanimity of this shopping house, one can lay their hands on possibly all materialistic items that can be thought of. Ranging from
clothesline, ready-made materials and brands, to curtains, kitchenware, doormats, dinner sets, stationery, toys and games…you name and you can get it. What’s more, the place is quite economical and draws therefore, a considerable amount of city crowd.

Now, I happened to go to this store back when I was newly married. We were not really one of those lucky couples to have silver spoons stuck into our mouths, but we rather had the privilege to shop on our own at our convenience – for however far and long our sporty two-wheeler took us. This store turned out to be one of the places we visited on our bike. Considering we went with the intention to decorate and spruce up our place a lil bit immediately after our marriage, the shopping list seemed endless already. We came out with three ginormous-sized plastic bags which we had to carry over two considerable corners of the city, all of it on our bike. After a significant workout on my thighs, a moment’s notice of stop-stop!, unbalancing and readjusting, we succeeded in our endeavour and there reached all the stuff at home…and us!

There was yet another time when we had to go back to the same stores – this time with a different list. On the way back, even this time we managed giant bags [though just two of ‘em]. Along with it, we [rather, I] also had to carry a dish-dryer made of steel. The levels of innovation one can come up with at such times is simply unmatched. The dish-dryer, though slightly heavy, was placed on my thigh and carried one plastic bag inside it, while the other bag rested on my other thigh!

History repeated itself when we had to purchase dining sets from another store, though the takeaway lot this time was the best amongst all – just one large bag.

The couple that I saw y’day had two super-sized bags. What’s more is, the lady at the back was supporting those bags on her thighs. The scene, as it flashed past me while I was sitting in a comfortable, air-conditioned four-wheel vehicle, brought a smile to my lips along with some relished and cherished memories.


* Nyaabagam Varudhe in Tamil literally means coming to remember. The derived meaning indicated for this post is down the memory lane, based on the theme Nostalgia.

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