A Silver Lining in an Unforgettable Evening

Part 2 of 2

The next morning, asked a teary-eyed Deena, “Won’t you look at me?”

Kelly, not bothering to look up from his phone, responded, “Tell me, I’m listening.”

Without another word, Deena got down from the bed, struggled with her thongs for a couple of seconds, got them right finally, and walked up to join Kelly on the two-seater sofa. She sat and stared at him hard and long, and robotically, the dam within her eyes burst open. Kelly finally looked up at her, and shook his head upwards as though asking her “What?” Deena stayed mute. She had no explanations and justifications for what had happened last night. She was clueless as to how could she make up to Kelly after the series of inane blunders she had committed. She did not know what to say to him as there seemed to be no words meaningful enough to apologize. Kelly decided to break the silence, “Do you remember what all you did last night?”

Deena replied through her tears, “Yes, I do vaguely remember. I kept howling, screaming, and crying all through the way back. I remember shaking the bike, while you kept telling me to hold you tight. I kept saying you’re mean, you’re rude, and I don’t wanna be with you over and over.”

Kelly asked with all the calmness he could muster, “Is that it you remember? Do you remember falling off from the bike and hurting your legs? Do you remember your feet weighing under the rear wheel, and despite me telling you repeatedly to pull your feet out, you just sat there going on about your crying? Do you remember walking all over the home aimlessly without any sense? Do you remember behaving like a drunkard?”

Kelly hadn’t raised his voice, but had definitely managed to convey the anger. Deena continued, tears pouring uncontrollably, “I know we are in an unfamiliar land, and this accident could have been fatal. What if the local police was strolling by? What if somebody from the pub had decided to complain to the police about us creating a ruckus there? What if it had been a freak bike accident resulting in major injuries? We would not have had anybody here to help us. I understand the mistake is grave enough that you may want to reconsider our relationship.”

Deena paused for breath, steadied herself, wiped her tears off, and asked Kelly the one question that was nagging inside her. “Do you still want to be together? Do you still want to be married?” She knew this was a step she had to take for all the trouble she gave Kelly last night, for all the misery she put him through, and for all the heights of tantrums Kelly bore without complaining even once. She could not bear the thought of Kelly going through any more of this wretchedness – all because of her.

She waited with baited breath for him to respond.

Kelly answered without a split second’s hesitation, “I want to. There is not an ounce of doubt that I would leave you – under no circumstances, and no exceptions. But I’m not sure, if you feel the same way. Do you remember the things you kept telling last night?”

Deena replied, “Yes. I kept saying you’re mean, you’re rude, and I don’t wanna be with you over and over. Please do not take that to face-value. I have no idea what I would do without you. I cannot imagine a living without you. I don’t care under what conditions and what circumstances we stay. As long as you take me with you, I can cope with anything. There is just no question of leaving you.” Deena continued, “You had gone out of your way to plan for us impeccably for our evening of togetherness. It was ruined because of me. I’ve made my mistake, and I’ve learnt my lesson. I know the series of unfortunate incidents were the best of the lot that could happen to us. I’m really sorry, and I promise this irresponsibility would never occur again.”

Kelly looked at Deena for a long time, and pulled her into a rib-cracking hug. Deena who he could not separate from despite a mountain-fall, his Deena who laughed so easily even at the crappiest of his humor, the Deena who had wooed him like no other girl could ever charm him, the very same Deena whom he still considered as his child.

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