Marry Me?

Come November, and December seems somehow closer. The chilly mornings, the just-another-five-minutes of snuggling within the furry comforter, a witness to the circumscribed days when the sun struggles against the clouds to fight for its share of limelight, and the settling buzz of the New Year in the air are a few ways in which Mother Nature proclaims out loud, Winter’s Here! However, if I were to take a step back and rewind nature’s being to the tenth month of the Gregorian Calendar, October, there is a downright alteration in the scenario. Trees without leaves and leaves strewn over the ground ranging from shades of yellow to brown – the season of Autumn.

Conversely, this near zero-meter above sea-level metropolitan city experiences an altogether different season – Rains. Cloudy daylights and skies, potholed and puddled pathways, sluggish mood sets that mock and demean one’s workplace, breeze in the drizzle yet a dampness in the air…Sigh! I could go on and on about it. Anyways, coming back to the point, it was precisely a year back in this month when Pachai and Manjal tied the knot.

As I flip back through the pages, my mind races to the flashback. It has been a year of figuring out each others’ better-known and unknowns, a year of dwelling through different temperaments and seasons, and above all, a year of realization of yearning to spend the rest of their lives together. Over the din of the wedding bells, the blurred images of exchanging rings, and the moment when He knotted the first of the three ties of the sacred yellow thread around Her neck, the one element that fills my head even today is the customized Invite they designed for their marriage – Manjal’s first-ever inspired piece of writing depicting their cryptic journey that set the eternal pace.

Here goes what read on the Invitation card titled Marry Me?


When you said Hi, it meant nothing meaningful
lost amongst the crowd, yet mulled over a bunch of handfuls.

When you smiled, my eyes crinkled wide apart together
just the way they would, to the best of my other.

When you spoke, a twinkle in your eye and a dance on your lips
acknowledged as a mirror reflection, with a skip of a beat and a fraction of a nip.

When you decided to hold my hand through the knotty maze
soft and firm, yet warm enough to set the eternal pace.

When you defined yourself to be patient as an armour’s sheath
overwhelmed by the encasing, all wind knocked out of my breath.

Continuity set in the tête-à-tête, revealed the besotted adore
inner beats impeded for a second, had not I seen fore.

Intending to spill out your ‘super’ news to your friend-she
did we have any idea, that was meant to be ME?!

The journey, set onwards to grow old together
as we join hands on this glorious occasion, with pleasure.

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