…And They Ask Me Where am I From?


Call it my dilemma or jeopardy
answering one of the most simplest questions has been my life’s parody.
Neither deliberate, nor is it intended to harm
when they ask me, where am I from?

Voyaged the four corners, ear to ear and mouth to mouth
roots and pedigrees Southerly, a perfectionist uncouth.
Brought up across the nation and transnational dorms
and they ask me, where am I from?

Is it Kerala, wherein my roots lay
or Gujarat, where my blood relations base their stay?
Could it be Tamil Nadu, courtesy my native language
or Delhi, where my birth years were staged and guaged?

Confused, speechless, and a momentary mute
all too jumbled up to be considered, incapable to refute.
Thoughts many, yet a single response at the bay
based on the person’s vibes, black or white, or shades of grey!

The saga continuing over all these years
whether for an introduction or mere acquaintance, call it cheers!
Proud of the ubiquitous culture, vivid and wide
an example to set myself as the nation’s pride.

An Indian I am, to those who don’t follow
an open secret, through a mellow cajole and explanation hollow.
Reared and nurtured through, straight and skewed
would you still want to know where am I from, brewed?

14 thoughts on “…And They Ask Me Where am I From?

  1. A good post – that I can relate to – poorvigam Palakkad – born in Calcutta, brought up in Pune, back to Calcutta and finally living in Tiruvallur away from the crowd of Chennai – life goes on!


  2. I also face a similar ordeal as people cannot gauge my origins from my face or speech. I am a Tamil, I say and leave it at that but if people are interested, I go on and tell them my wee history. I see these things as good conversation starters.

    Joy always,


    1. Absolutely agree Susan! When you’re talking to a person the first time, it gets you into a comfort zone enough to acknowledge the person the next time you cross them. I too have faced similar ordeals 🙂


  3. ha! feels good to know another ‘outcast’ 😀
    I do undergo similar kinda issues being a NRI :/ Those annoying moments when someone asks me “ru a malayalee”; “which part of Gujarat are you from”; “Punjabi ladiki ho?” and more!!
    I had to explain them I was born in Chennai/Madras. Why can’t they just accept I’m an Indian? and be content with that fact! *Sigh* 😦


  4. Oh!! How I love to be in your shoes.. Born and brought up in a state but read about all the other and longed to be there. How many people you would have met?? How many cultures, languages, practices and sceneries.. Oh I am so jealous of you..


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