This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colours of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.

The colour theme for today’s post is GREEN.

GREEN_YELLOWGreenery…lush, plush, and vast acres of greenery…

Nah! I plan to talk about something more precious and personal when it comes to this color. For this is one of the two colors that connects me deep down my memory lane (to the point of digging at times) to THE priceless valuable I will cherish this lifetime. A story of two mindlessly aberrant souls who understood each other from the moment they met (literally), who did nothing but respect each other’s personality contrasts galore, the two nuts weirdly, deeply, and madly in love who decided to get married in the eighth month of knowing each other.

This story is split in to two parts: Part One – Green, Part Two (Conclusion) – Yellow.

It had been almost nine months since I came to Chennai when I got introduced to my first social circle. Life, for a mix-breed as me (too complicated to explain…maybe some other time), was proving slightly tough in the initial few months. Barely compatible with the language, not so good living areas/ roommates (sometimes a mix of both), and hardly exposed to the city surroundings. However, the one positivity that kept me going was my job, proving to be my strength then and allowing me to drown in it. While I got introduced to this non-profit organization that worked on planning trips, treks, and other activities for social causes after six months, I signed up for my first trip. It was a three-day trip in a gang of thirty-five (and about time too I made some friends).

That’s the trip I met Him.

Oddly enough, the first thing I noticed about him was not his physique, not his smile, or any of the typical features. It was the lines on his nose! You must think I’m a weirdo but trust me, I’m not lying. We barely spoke, but smiled (rather laughed) whenever we saw each other. It was a strangely positive bond that connected us – our easy smile. The way we seemed to laugh over everything and nothing, made our friends feel as though they were missing something. (Until date, we have tried explaining there is nothing in particular we are laughing about!)

Day two of the trip – we visited a waterfall. The flow was so tremendously intense that no words could describe the force. While I swayed and made my way through the moss-inflicted rocks to stand beneath the waterfall, I saw a fluorescent green jerseyed-hand stretch towards me and take my hand to help me jump from that rock to this. And there I was, right underneath the water flow. I kept screaming because of the force, and everyone else enjoying the waterfall shooed me away, for I was spoiling their fun! As lunch awaited us after a few miles of trekking, we started on our way back. On the way, people kept calling Pachai. I turned at one point and saw – the same guy who had pulled me beneath the waterfall and, now that I could see in the broad daylight, was wearing a fluorescent green Adidas jersey. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked couple of his friends, “Why do you guys call him Pachai”? They kept telling me they didn’t know the exact origination (or did they have their own reason to call him that!) It so happens (I figured later), pachai happens to be his favorite color and the rest he didn’t know (the logic beyond why they called him that!). I was only too happy to oblige like a dumbass (now that I think of it) and in went Pachai in my memory, in my phone book, in my friend’s list, and popularized in my social circles.

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