A Page taken from Indigo’s Diary

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colours of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.

The colour theme for today’s post is INDIGO.

INDIGO 4 I am not sure how many out there are familiar with my shade variant, thanks to the most popular cousin in my family tree, Blue. If you were to visualize me independently, I’d perhaps rather proudly describe myself as the richest shade in the Blue family tree; the next-closest shade to me being most likely my Uncle Black. Put in layman’s terms, I’m possibly the darkest shade of Blue you will come across. In fact, to the few mortals out there who believe in the mantra color ignorance-is-bliss, I’m often mistaken to be Uncle Black; I don’t mind it nonetheless, as this comparison feels closer-to-home than being compared to Blue.

Prejudiced to be the color associated with boys, Blue even otherwise, is very popular in the family. If the truth be spoken out loud, there are innumerable kuppai-maadhiri references that can be quoted when my relatives get to show off their prominence. Starting with the kid there is the innocent Baby Blue, clear Sky Blue, watery Aquamarine, the mature and bright Turquoise, the funky Denim (I like her!), the deeply-lost-in-thought Sea Blue (dilemmatic till date if the correct reference for sea water is blue or green!), one of my closest and much-liked Uncles, Navy Blue, then there is me.

I know that at this point, you’re probably feeling that I despise being called a part of the Blue family tree. To be honest and frank, I don’t hate or dislike being a part of the Neel clan. Call it my insecurity or the lack of opportunity to get to be in the limelight – I often feel overshadowed by my relatives who, almost at all times, are so blinded by the spotlight that they refuse to move their rear once there! Take the rainbow for that matter – the color band is incomplete without the ‘I’ and yet I’m found sandwiched between my two relatives – Violet (they are distant relatives) and Blue (will you stop stalking me!?).

I mean, hello! Even I have some prominence out there when it comes to me, myself, and I. To name a few – I mean a chunk of me-time when someone decides to take a stroll under the twilight skies, a reflection of me-thoughts when they get lost starting at the depths of the ocean, the each-to-their-own reaction when they see the whale, the untouchably bright and bottommost part of a candle flame just before I blend with my dear Uncle Black. A niche where they get to pick clothes in my name, Deep Indigo, and why, I have also touched the skies in the recent times, when the lesser mundane decided to come up with an airline dedication – IndiGO!

4 thoughts on “A Page taken from Indigo’s Diary

  1. Super post.. Never thought how Indigo might feel with their rich and distinct cousin. But every dog has its day. Indigo too..


    1. Lol..thank you! I was planning on an autobiagraphy, but then the way it turned out, I thought a diary entry might be the more appropriate title.

      Anyways, glad that you liked the post 🙂


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