As words fall short to say Thank You

A colleague in disguise
while a mentor in reprise.
A friend to a lost soul
while a relation to a wingless fowl.
The journey, tough to enunciate
growing as a guide, supervisor, well-wisher, mate.

Throughout with me in my ups and downs
held my hand through laughter and frowns.
Whether a deliverable in question or me to be
growing through it all, not as easy as it seemed to be.

You based my work ethics, helped me phase the way I am today
a foundation set so strong, that I would be proud of it any day.
You helped me find my better half
credits to You for The moment, so joyous, of my life.

Here is wishing you much Luck, Love and more of Life
Cheers, for embarking on a stone lustered with a jive.
Sweet closure, just like a koyal’s koo
as words fall short, to say Thank You.

Your thoughts will lend me a smile :)

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