P.S. I Love You

Encountered within and ever bounded with nature
smart, cute, sexy, at the same time mature.
Your aura hovering like the sting of a bee
unbearably sweet yet sharp as it could be.
Incredible individuality with searing warmth
to which one could mercilessly be conned.
Innocent and shy, making me wanna skip a beat
every time you appear is no less than a visual treat.

An unexpected greet in a casual meet
while away in a mountainous retreat.
Never thought about it, didn’t realize how soon it grew
all turning into
P.S. I Love You

More than lust, much more than attraction
growing past each second with the swiftness of more than a fraction.
Without a sense of fear, without a traction
existence solitary seemed to be on its way to resurrection.

Mind games of the two aberrant souls
never getting through further than unlike poles.
Although never said out loud, unsaying it was a cue
with my cheeks now red, just wanna put it through
P.S. I Love You

Your hold as firm as a perfect frame
as warm as a glow of flame.
Your touch as deep as a current’s prise
as exhilarating as a breezy rise.
Your whisper sending chills down my spine
feels as though someone pulled a twine.
Your kiss as passionate as a deadly wrath
the moment we connect I forget all my math.

The spoken silence for memories timeless
an unsaid unite, all for a telepathic caress.
The bare existence for a beautiful lieu
not outta the horizon, outta the blue
P.S. I Love You

The adventurous journey seasoned with ups and downs
here, there and everywhere, bottom of a pit to the top of a mount.
Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours to call
flocked with psychedelic colors, black and white and grey and all.

Moving in sync with timeless tunes
head over heels, heart over the moons.
Yapping to glory, letting out the kitty
jippity jappity rippity rappity.
Hallelujah is to Jesus, as My World is to You
P.S. I Love You

Your thoughts will lend me a smile :)

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