I Want This and That

I find the very thought of standing beneath the spotlight overwhelming. The conjuring image of an intense beam of illumination radiating my frizzy mane, with viewers looking upon me like I am a show-monkey of sorts who is biding her time to entertain all their anticipatory faces for their pleasure, shrinks the gut in my […]

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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood// And sorry I could not travel both

It’s not a fancy contrivance, quitting a cushioned, conveniently secure and comfortably salaried job – despite good riddance from the mindfucking corporate politics in its wake – to choose to disburse time into chasing a contrasting ambition. I quit my job to be a writer may sound ludicrously attractive and perhaps inspiring on some superficial […]

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Who made Whom?

While in conversation with a friend a few days ago, she mentioned she was taking a break from writing. I knew she wasn’t keen on feeding her monthly means through a full-time writing job, but it had not occurred nor prepared me to accept she had shunned the process of putting pen to paper altogether. […]

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Writing is a lonely process (period)

The Introduction section in the first of the Shiva Trilogy series begins this way: They say writing is a lonely profession. They lie. I am amused by the clever wordplay in the statement, given it is coated sagaciously. However, I beg to differ with its meaning, because not every expression in this written declaration accords […]

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Home, at Last

Six years ago, on May 11, I came to an unknown city with nothing more than an offer letter to join work at a multinational corporation. I was seeking job opportunities in India; I wanted to return to my homeland from the Gulf, having only begun my professional career. A family friend introduced me to […]

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