The Elusory

Photo: Ryanniel Masucol on Thoughts myriad words limited Eager to write on a blank canvas As the pen moves linearly in a clockwise direction The lines of the page fill but with a nefarious depth Pausing every couple of seconds to resolve the tug of war between words What to pick, what do I … Continue reading The Elusory

Dreams, Hopes, Truths & Reality

Ruminations of a thirty-four-year-old woman Early this year in March I completed thirty-four. As I self-introspect one of the many things that float at the brink of my head is what my mothers — by birth and in law — were doing then. Where were they when they were thirty-four? Amid other countless errands to … Continue reading Dreams, Hopes, Truths & Reality

Peaceful Kaana vendamo

*kANa vENDAmO should I not get to see iru kaNNirukkum pOdE when I have the faculty of sight (iru kaNN, meaning two eyes) viNNuyar gOpuram the temple spire that soars into the heavens vINil ulagai shuTri shuTri vandAl In a fruitless purpose of circling around this world mEdinil pOTrum chidambara dEvanaik-kANa vENDAmO one who is … Continue reading Peaceful Kaana vendamo

Lilting Amrutavarshini

amruta (n): nectar. varshini (n): one (she) who brings rains The rāga(m) Amrutavarshini, as the name suggests, is believed to bring rains. The legend of this composition, ānandāmrutakarshini amrutavarshini, suggests that both the song and rāga(m) was composed newly and on spot. The composer, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, is believed to sing this song in prayer for … Continue reading Lilting Amrutavarshini

Of Personal Desires, Familial Equations, & Cynicism

Of late, I am coming across a lot of artists of Indian origin on Instagram, that are in the making. When I say, ‘in the making’ my reference is to the artists’ number of followers. For instance, there is this Delhi-based doodler whose portfolio comprises some of the ace brands in the globe. A Chennai-based … Continue reading Of Personal Desires, Familial Equations, & Cynicism

I Want This and That

I find the very thought of standing beneath the spotlight overwhelming. The conjuring image of an intense beam of illumination radiating my frizzy mane, with viewers looking upon me like I am a show-monkey of sorts who is biding her time to entertain all their anticipatory faces for their pleasure, shrinks the gut in my … Continue reading I Want This and That

Motherhood: A Game-Changing Drama

It is four months since I arrived in the city of Edinburgh. When I began to write this piece at first, I wasn't sure if it was going to secure a spot in my journal or land up here for topical publishing as a blog post, for I knew not then how it might pan, … Continue reading Motherhood: A Game-Changing Drama

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood// And sorry I could not travel both

It’s not a fancy contrivance, quitting a cushioned, conveniently secure and comfortably salaried job - despite good riddance from the mindfucking corporate politics in its wake - to choose to disburse time into chasing a contrasting ambition. I quit my job to be a writer may sound ludicrously attractive and perhaps inspiring on some superficial … Continue reading Two roads diverged in a yellow wood// And sorry I could not travel both

There are ideas. Then there are none.

There are ideas. And then there are none. The other evening while I was strolling through the perimeter of my apartment, I recalled at random how walks as an exercise have visited me in phases since I was a teenager. Consistency is a trait I am notoriously unfaithful to, and the saga of these walks … Continue reading There are ideas. Then there are none.

Who made Whom?

While in conversation with a friend a few days ago, she mentioned she was taking a break from writing. I knew she wasn’t keen on feeding her monthly means through a full-time writing job, but it had not occurred nor prepared me to accept she had shunned the process of putting pen to paper altogether. … Continue reading Who made Whom?